Gina Rodriguez is FILLY BROWN

Gina Rodriguez is FILLY BROWN
*Premiere’s Sundance 2012 in the U.S Dramatic Competition category
Friday, Jan. 20th @ 5:30pm in the Library theatre.

Remember the name Gina Rodriguez. You might be praising it later.

Filly Brown A Mexican girl rises through the ranks of hip-hop while struggling with family issues, including the imprisonment of her mother. “It’s an L.A. story with a really good performance by Gina Rodriguez, who’s in almost every frame of this movie,” Cooper says. “She’s a girl with ambition trying to break into the music business.” Cast: Gina Rodriguez, Lou Diamond Phillips, Jenni Rivera, Edward James Olmos. (Directors: Youssef Delara, Michael D. Olmos, son of Edward James; Screenwriter: Youssef Delara)

11 Things to Look Forward to in 2012 By Damarys Ocana | 12/29/2011

Gina Rodriguez in Filly Brown

A grand total of, like, two people have seen this movie, produced by Edward James Olmos’ sons and starring the actor, but it’s one of the most buzzed-about flicks slated for the upcoming Sundance Film Festival. At the center of the chatter is part-Puerto Rican newcomer Gina Rodriguez, who plays a street-toughened rapper. We predict Michelle Rodriguez-like breakout stardom.

Premieres: Jan. 20, 2012 / Sundance Film Festival / U.S. Dramatic Competition


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